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How far have we come?!

How far have we come?……makes u think…
We’re progressed in so many ways, but regressed in so many other areas…especially when it come to our values and beliefs. Just because times change does’nt mean, we just have to go with the flow and throw away our beliefs just cauz they don’t seem to fit in with the way people think today. New is not always better.
We should’nt be apprehensive of change, but we also should’nt change just to make others happy.
We’ve come so far when it comes to technology, travel and so much more…but along the way we’ve also lost so much…for one our humanity. We’ve forgetten who we really are and why we were put here….children of God,with a greater purpose. We pretend to be so evolved, but deep down we know somethings missing. Looking at all the suffering and evil that still prevails in our world, makes me feel like we have’nt come far at all… or atleast far enough. We still have the old sadness of poverty, hunger, war, racism etc, mixed in with new evils like abortion, euthanasia, child pornography etc. Sometimes i wish i lived in the Good Ol’ Days, but just for a moment, then i remember that God has a plan for me….in this time, in this period of history. Whatever it is, i must be ready. So again i wonder….how far have we/you/I come?
What made me think of this?….well,just saw the new Matchbox Twenty song "How Far We’ve Come".
So glad Rob and the boys are back…missed them 🙂
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Remembering Grandpa

Remember how u luuuved ur fish….n ur bananas….both really healthy..u were right.
Remember how u haaad to buy me elaichi bananas cauz u knew i liked them….n so did u.
Remember ur fave phrase ‘fudegabodit'(forget abt it), whn u were irritated.
Remember all the sandwiches n chicken puffs.
Remember wht u called Trixy…Tipsy n Pepsy…hehehe.
Remember all the rosaries n chaplets u said each day.
Remember how u loved to irritate nana…..Ireeeeene.
Remember how u used to parp…n pretend it didnt happen…classic.
Remember how we used to try n plait the few strands of hair on ur head…cute.
Remember the stories abt St.Stephens village….ur fave place…ur home….good times.
Remember braggin abt how u managed to get good stuff really cheap.
Remember yellin at everyone to get ready for sunday mass.
Remember beatin everyone at cards….rummy was ur game.
Remember ur suspenders….ur style statement…quite dashing.
Remember talkin to each n every taxi driver n tellin them how to drive…n which way to go.
Remember our lunches in Air Cool n me scribblin on whteva paper i could find…n all the cool pens u gave me.
Remember tellin everyone u met all about u n all about ur family…..braggin with pride.
Remember how u had to know the price of everything…curious cat.
Remember all ur printed shirts…fancy.
Remember ur stubborness….though u gave in for the good…thts most important.
Remember how u used to force everyone to eat papaya….n then make us take more home.
Remember all the holy pictures u printed….so devoted.
Remember how u loved to dance with ur daughters.
Remember us all lyin on ur bed n watchin t.v., n listenin to ur stories…good stuff.
Remember…………..so much more.
Remembering Grandpa.
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Live Earth- lil changes, big results

Its good to take life as it is, but not always. Accepting things n embracin the good and the bad, makes us stronger as human beings. But that does’nt mean we just follow blindly and do as others do. Especially when it affects life, and the way we live and function. We complain, but can we afford to? Pollution, Global Warming, Green House Gases….all stems from our selfishness and greed. We can all try to do our bit in some small way. Lil things like switchin off lights n fans whn we leave the room, changing bulbs to compact fluorescent lighting, putting off our chargers as soon as the phone is charged, cutting down on unnecessary water usage etc. We gotta make a change, to see a change.Im so glad Live Earth happened, it really makes u think of all the harm we do without even realising we did anything wrong. I guess alot of people will look at it as just a global concert event, but hopefully most will get the true message behind it all. Even the 7-7-7 date woked so well with the theme. Guess im partial cauz 7 is my fave number. All the media generated n all the ‘climate in crisis’ videos and ads got to me more than the concert itself. The ‘proper education-eric prydz vs pink floyd’ music video is so apt and its such a smart way to educate not only youngsters, but people in general. Lil changes lead to Big results, so just – Switch Off!
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oh to be Hiro

Dontcha wish u could stop time…sometimes! Would’nt tele-portin anywhere n everywhere be soo cool?!
Freeze-frame, rewind….or just pause for a second. But i guess thts wht memory is for. Not sure abt the fast-forward part though, cauz whatever we experience(good or bad) is an integral part of who we are as people. Its wht makes us and changes us, and sometimes breaks or even builds us up. The tele-portin thing would be awesome, as long as we did’nt screw it up. But again, i guess wherever we are is where we’re supposed to be at this moment in time. Everythin happens for a reason. There are no coincidences…thts wht i believe,anyway.
Fantasy n Reality can blur n mix. Gotta draw a line though, or ur in serious trouble. Whteva…just my 2 cents worth. Sayonara Nakamura!
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Come back – Look Forward

Back from the Holy Land. Tiring, but so amazing! Experience of a lifetime! So much seen, so much experienced, so much to tell…but where to start??!!! Will try and get down everythin when i have the time, but for now got a jam-packed inbox to sort out, got film rolls to develop, got to get on with life.
Good to be back(kinda), missed u guys(u know who u r), but seriously was’nt prepared to get back to this heat.Killin!
Anyway, bye for now and shalom.
Take care n God Bless
p.s.-prayed for u guys n gals
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Travel Bug Bitin…climbin the mountain

Im leavin on a jet plane…
Holy Land here i come…sooo excited, can’t believe we’re leavin tomro.
Its been ages since i’ve been out of the country.
Can’t wait to to walk in the footsteps of the Lord and also to float in the Dead Sea(cool!)
Seein the pyramids and the sphinx won’t be too bad either.
Hope all goes well, God-willing.
Don’t miss me tooo much, gonna be back before u can say-Where’s Dani???
Will be prayin for ur’ll- u know who u are.
Take care. Love n God Bless.
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Little Wonders in these Small hours

Our lives are made
In these small hours
These little wonders,
These twists & turns of fate
Time falls away,
But these small hours,
These small hours still remain
(chorus from Little Wonders-Rob Thomas)
Are’nt these words so true?
These small hours, these days, this life…is all we have.
We only have this life to live, before we go on to our Eternal one.
We need to do the right thing, we need to be good people…we need to stand up for the truth.
If we don’t, then whats the use of it all. We try our best or we don’t try at all.
The twists n turns will get u down…but not out!
Sometimes i feel like a waste of space…but its these small hours, these little beautiful wonders that make me feel so grateful for my life.
I hope u look for the Little Wonders(miracles) in ur life….cause they’re surely there, u just have to look!
Go with GOD, U can’t Go wrong!
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Here comes the summer sun

Summertiiiiiiime and the livin ain’t easy
Need a climate change…..but whr im goin,its jus gonna be hotter!!!
A li’l suffering never hurt anyone……soul strengthening.
Take the oh-so-good with the not-so-bad.
details to come……….later!
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the heat is on…literally

Im so zonked…feel so zoned out. This heat is killin!!!
Man, i wish i had a friend with a pool…aaaaah sweet water,elixir of life.
So wanted to rant…but now its just too hot to complain abt anythin,anymore.
Will do so nxt time!
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